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Meet the FACEs: John Strickland at LEAD Brick Church

Meet John Strickland, the Family and Community Engagement (FACE) coordinator at LEAD Brick Church in North Nashville. John was appointed FACE coordinator last year. 

Alongside colleagues Rania Agaib (LEAD Academy, LEAD Cameron), Erin Molitoris (LEAD Southeast middle and high) and Blanca Cross (LEAD Neely’s Bend), John’s chief responsibility is to “represent the interests and desires, both realized and undeveloped, of our families,” said Corey Burton, LEAD’s Director of Enrollment and Family Engagement. 

“Our job is to provide the avenues for authentic relationships to develop and for families to see better opportunities for themselves in our schools,” he said.

On John, he said: “There are some who allow circumstances and their surroundings to dictate their approach to the day. John is not one of those people! I have been blessed to be able to work with someone that faithfully reminds me to keep looking up, keep pushing harder, and through it all; remain an advocate for our mission! John’s authenticity in relationships is a healthy and necessary infusion of empathy into LEAD Public Schools.”

Here’s John in his own words. 

What does it mean for you to be a FACE coordinator in our schools? 

To me, it means that I get the opportunity to serve both my colleagues by bragging on the amazing things they are doing and I get to inform and brag about the awesome scholars who will be sitting in their classroom. LEAD Brick Church is special to me because I grew up in this part of town and it is an awesome way of giving back.

What’s your educational background? 

Bachelor’s Of Art: Early Childhood Development; Minor in Visual Art from Bethel University. 

What is your favorite part about your job in family and community engagement? 

Seeing families evolve into a sense of HOPE that we can help guide their child on their educational journey.

Why do you work at LEAD? 

I don’t work at LEAD, I operate in my purpose, service! LEAD is a great avenue to being a “Change Agent” in this community, and I’m glad my creator saw fit for me to be here.

What does it mean to you to help “families take the LEAD”?

I help families take the LEAD by getting involved in their child’s educational journey.

Name an Ethos that means something to you and please briefly describe why. 

Courage: It takes courage to be able to sit in front of a family and discuss hard topics, it takes courage as a family to listen to things that they didn’t know was happening, it takes courage to love PEOPLE regardless of their socio-economical and family background. It takes courage to LEAD.

What are seven words that best describe you? 

Fun, passionate, serious, musical, gifted, student, reflective.

What are five words that best describe our network? 

Changing, optimistic, family, hard-working, loving.

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