LEAD Public Schools is a Nashville-based charter school network that operates six schools – both open and zoned enrollment – in grades 5-12. We are proud to serve a diverse population of students, and our mission is to prepare ALL students to be ready for college and ready for life.

Our schools:

  • Serve grades 5-12
    • The LEAD Public Schools Family Engagement Team works in the Nashville Community to recruit some of the brightest and most courageous students in the city and leverages its family engagement team and culture to attract and retain the best. Retention is at the heart of our work at LEAD in ensuring we are delivering on what families expect.
  • Focus on rigorous academics and student support
    • We believe in holding all of our students to high academic standards — and in creating a joyful, safe environment where students can accomplish their goals and be proud of their work.
  • Deliver on what families expect
    • Our Family Engagement Team focuses on our core values, our ethos, to create an elevated family experience for all students. We engage all families by creating unique and enhanced family experiences through personalization.
  • Open to all families who reside in Davidson County

Enrollment Process

We accept applications for our initial lottery period between October and February. To apply to our schools, families must fill out a simple, online application through our enrollment system called Smart Choice. In order to be considered for our lottery process, applications must be submitted from the time the application system opens until approximately mid-February.

It does not matter at which point you submit your application during the application window. The only requirement to be included in our random lottery selection process is that you submit by the lottery deadline. Any applications submitted after the lottery deadline will automatically be placed on the waiting list

Students offered a seat at a LEAD Public School will be chosen through a random lottery selection process that takes place in March. Families can see the results of the lottery in their Smart Choice portal. Schools will call families and mail a letter home.

Once you are accepted into a LEAD Public School, families will then need to register their child(ren) for that school. To register, a family will complete a registration packet about their student and submit a student birth certificate, parent/guardian photo ID, proof of address, and immunization records at the campus front office of the school of which you applied.

Here is the LEAD Public Schools Registration Packet. 

Please note: You will also have to accept your LEAD seat through MNPS. Families will receive an email from MNPS about a LEAD placement. Log in here and accept your seat. Congratulations, you’re now a part of the LEAD Team and Family!

Commitment to LEADership meetings will take place beginning in April for the purpose of on-boarding you to the LEAD Public Schools’ family. These meetings will take place throughout the summer, and can also be completed as a part of our “Taking the LEAD” campus events. Contact your individual LEAD campus to find out the dates of your new LEAD campus’ “Taking the LEAD” event which is for all New to LEAD families!

The first month of school will host back to school events for both new to LEAD and returning families. These events are meant to build community, and to also welcome everyone back to school. Families will receive transportation, school schedule, and back to school information. We look forward to meeting you. 

Current Students

LEAD provides as a part of its customer experience journey map the opportunity for families to voice their intentions for the following school year. We understand that families have a wealth of options in Nashville for their school of choice, and it is our hope that families will continue their enrollment at LEAD. In order to continue your enrollment, families are encouraged to take advantage of their ability to reserve their seat and continue their enrollment with LEAD by completing the re-registration process which will begin in January and include our “LEAD Public Schools Continuation Form.” 

Reach out to the following individuals to communicate your 2024-25 intentions:


If you have questions, or need help with the application, contact the LEAD Public Schools Family Engagement Team. 

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