At LEAD Public Schools, we believe all children deserve a high-quality education that prepares them to excel in college or a career — no matter their zip code. 

[Transforming People.]

When you invest in LEAD Public Schools, you support a system that rewards educators and staff for their efforts and ensures students have an opportunity to excel. 

  • LEAD is committed to delivering on our promise to be the Best Place to Work in Nashville with our self-funded Teacher Compensation program that began in 2019.
  • LEAD is the only Nashville school system where a teacher can earn up to 10% increases in their BASE SALARY annually.

  • Those who qualify and accept a Master Teacher role can earn performance-based compensation up to $100,000.  These teachers consistently demonstrate purposeful, compassionate, and data-driven instruction in their classrooms and have a proven track-record of student success.

[Transforming Schools.]

We do not hand select our students – we serve students in the communities where our schools are located.  We have been able to improve the educational experience and outcomes for students who have been traditionally underserved. 

  • The majority of LEAD students arrive 2-3 years behind grade level. LEAD works to help them grow year over year and catch up academically.
  • LEAD students are on track to outperform TNReady scores from 2020-2021 in both Math and English Language Arts. 
  • Many of our students are making one and half years of growth in just one school year, including our Exceptional Education students and our English Language Learners. 

[Transforming Communities.]

Our students come from the communities surrounding our schools. Our neighborhood schools outperform the local district and state average on multiple measures. The investments we’re making in our students is an investment in their communities. 

  • LEAD operates four schools authorized by Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) and two schools operating under Tennessee’s Achievement School District (ASD).
  • Half of the six schools in our network are zone-enrolled schools serving students who live in the neighborhoods where LEAD schools are located; half are schools open to enrollment for students within and beyond the communities adjacent to our schools.
  • Students of color, economically disadvantaged, and limited English proficiency students are not left behind at LEAD.  In fact, they succeed at higher rates than their state and local district peers.

2021 Graduation Rates

LEAD Academy High School  90%
LEAD Southeast High School 93%
Tennessee  89%
Metro Nashville Public Schools  79%

[Transforming Futures.]

Our students defy low expectations and surpass the odds. They graduate fully prepared to excel in college or a career. When you invest in LEAD Public Schools, you invest in the multiple futures of our students. 

  • LEAD predominantly serves students of color and low-income students.
  • LEAD has partnered with both the State and Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) to turnaround some of its most challenging schools.
  • Over 75% are economically disadvantaged. 30% are English Language Learners. 12% are students with disabilities.

We are leading this work, but we can’t do it alone.

Will you consider partnering with us in our mission to ensure every child has a high-quality education?

For more information on ways to support LEAD Public Schools (gifts of stocks, wire transfers and employer matching gifts), please contact:

Eloise Alexis, Vice President of Development

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We thank you.

[But most of all, they thank you!]

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