We don't run away from a challenge.

[We tackle it head on.]  

At LEAD Public Schools, we believe EVERY child deserves a high-quality education, no matter their zip code.

When You Invest In LEAD...

[You See Your Dollars at Work]

We graduate students at a higher rate than the state and local school districts.

All Students (2020)

LEAD Academy  93.3%
MNPS  82.3%
Tennessee  89.6%

Economically Disadvantaged Students (2020)

LEAD Academy  95.9%
MNPS  79.1%
Tennessee  82.7%

Students of color, economically disadvantaged, and limited english proficiency students are not left behind and succeed at higher rates than their state and district peers.

English Language Learners (2020)

LEAD Academy  87.0%
MNPS  62.7%
Tennessee  68.6%

Black/Hispanic/Native American Students (2020)

LEAD Academy  94.7%
MNPS  79.9%
Tennessee  82.9%

% Ready Graduate

According to the State of Tennessee, a Ready Graduate is a student who demonstrates college and career readiness by graduating on time and earning a composite ACT score of a 21 or higher.

Data: Tennessee Report Card 2019

LEAD Academy

[You Provide the Extra Layer of Support our Students Need]

Our kids face many challenges both inside and outside the classroom that require an extra layer of support.

  • The majority of our students come to us in 5th grade at least two to three grade levels behind. While that presents a major challenge, it doesn't mean that these kids can't learn and don't deserve a chance to succeed in life.
  • The majority of our students are economically disadvantaged.
  • That can mean students may not have basic necessities at home - shelter, food, clothing-  that we have to address before we start addressing their academic needs.
  • Many of our high school students have to work to help support their families while juggling classes. Most are the first in their family to attend college.
  • English is the second language for half of our students.

[You are Helping to Create the Best Place to Work in Nashville]

Our work is guided by our ETHOS. As a result, our school culture produces a positive work environment and impressive student outcomes. 

  • We are disciplined in our operations and financial systems to ensure that we are lean and efficient.
  • Recognizing that teachers are the most important part of our operation, we revamped our teacher compensation program to make sure our best teachers are compensated for their commitment.  We also offer excellent benefits including 16 weeks paid family leave to support the overall success of our team. 
  • We value feedback and coaching. Our network and school leaders participate in leadership development and executive coaching. Our teachers are supported in the classroom by instructional coaching.  Every staff member has a mentor and works toward consistency in processes and improvements.

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We thank you.

[But most of all, they thank you!]

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