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College Counseling

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SUCCESS, Not Just Access

Readiness matters. At LEAD, we prepare students for what happens beyond graduation, so they can pursue their goals and thrive.​

Students should have a variety of options to choose from— college and career— in order to make a post-graduate decision that is best for them and sets them up for success.

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The lead model

Our department proudly tailors our work to each student while remaining focused on preparing our students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in college and life.

Students develop a college and career list based on their individual needs and work with seminar teachers and college counselors to evaluate the various pathways to accomplish post-graduate goals.

Through the LEAD model, each student participates in a comprehensive “Best-Fit” process of preparing for life after high school, including:

College visits, yearly for high school students

College Seminar, a dedicated time in the school day for 9th-12th graders to focus on college and life preparation

Student evaluations and research on college and career options

Full-time college counselor for every senior

Financial aid and scholarship application information and assistance

Alumni Staff


LEAD Public Schools

Courtney McEwen
Director, College & Career
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LEAD Academy

Jason Harrison
LAHS College Counselor
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LEAD Southeast

Ariana Nieves
LSEHS College Counselor
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For College Reps/Colleges

General Info About LPS
Scheduling a Visit 
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We are now using Scoir to schedule rep visits. This service is free to colleges, and it allows reps to plan trips in a map view, see availability of multiple high schools at a time, create virtual visits, and sync with your personal calendars. Please create an account, and schedule a time to meet with our students in the fall.

If you can’t find a time that is convenient, then you can request a visit in Scoir. In Scoir, you can sign up for an in-person visit or a remote visit based on the preference of your university.

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