SUCCESS Not Just Access

Readiness matters. At LEAD, we believe our job is to prepare students for what happens beyond graduation, so they can pursue their goals and thrive.

Our College Counseling department makes Ready for College.  Ready for Life. a reality.  Students should have a variety of options to choose from— college and career— in order to make a post-graduate decision that is best for them and set them up for success.

Our students tell the story better than anyone else.

The LEAD Model

Our department is proud to tailor our work for each student, as there is no one-size-fits-all, and remain focused on preparing our students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in college and life.  Through the LEAD model, each student will have the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive “Best-Fit” process of preparing for life after high school, including:

  • College visits, each spring for high school students
  • College Seminar, a dedicated time in the school day for ninth-twelve graders to focus on college and life preparation
  • Student evaluations and research on college and career options
  • Full-time college counselor for every senior
  • Financial aid and scholarship application information and assistance


Students develop a college and career list based on individual needs and work with seminar teachers and college counselors to evaluate the various pathways to accomplish post-graduate goals.

We celebrate students decisions at Senior Signing Day where students announce their decision, whether it be career, military, technical training or two-year and four-year education.

“LEAD challenged us and stretched us. LEAD prepared us to face the challenges of adulthood and college and reminded us to never give up. We learned to be proactive— not reactive— and take responsibility for our actions. “

Brianna Murphy, LEAD Academy, 2015


Profile Sheet

Download our high schools individual profile sheets to learn more about how we help our students be READY FOR COLLEGE. READY FOR LIFE.

Schedule a Virtual Visit

Colleges and universities are cordially invited to schedule VIRTUAL visits with LEAD Academy and LEAD Southeast students due to COVID-19. All visits should be scheduled through Rep Visits. College Counselors will likely not be able to accommodate every school's request, but we will do our best to fit everyone in!

Alumni Support

Alumni are encouraged to contact Christine Harris for guidance and support at or DeAndra Lockett, LEAD Alumni Association President, at


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