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LEADership Matters.

We believe developing strong leadership is the best way to create a sustainable environment of success in our schools.

Culture Matters.

We have created a unique culture of support and development so you are never doing this work alone.

YOU Matter.

You are worth investing in, and at LEAD you will be rewarded with benefits that outweigh the competition.

LEADership Matters.

Culture Matters.

YOU Matter.

LEAD Benefits Outweigh the Competition

Teachers can earn up to $100,000 and 10% raises each year.

Sixteen weeks paid maternity leave or four weeks paid paternity leave for those eligible.

Up to $5,000 in signing bonuses available.

84% of LEAD teachers eligible for our performance compensation program returned for the following school year (2018-2021 data).

LEAD provides competitive health benefits to staff, including mental health benefits

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you matter.


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Leadership Matters.

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We are focused on creating sustainable leadership pipelines in our schools so we can continue to build upon our vision and progress.

The majority of our leaders have been developed from within the organization.

4 of our 5 principals started in other positions at LEAD.

The best way to improve leadership is getting honest feedback from our staff, which is why we’ve implemented an annual engagement survey to measure how our leaders are performing.

careers leadership matters

Culture matters.

LEAD provides a supportive coaching community and team environment. Teachers meet with their instructional managers at least twice a month to go over instructional practice and delivery, unit and lesson plans, and to review data.

There are a variety of opportunities to grow at LEAD. Some of the options include content leaders of professional learning communities, grade-level chairs, Master Teachers, instructional managers, and network and school leadership.

We serve high-need communities, and our decisions are driven by our students and families.

Our students come to us 2-3 grade levels behind and we work every day to catch them up.

Our students come from 38 different countries and speak 27 different languages.

75% of our students are considered economically disadvantaged.

Our mission is to ensure each one of our students are ready for college and ready for life.

80% staff retention from 2022 to 2023; 75% teacher retention from 2022-2023

LEAD Southeast Middle | Teacher

Kelly Carden

“Students will struggle to feel successful in environments they don’t feel seen or can’t see themselves in. We ensure students are seen and celebrated so they know they’re valued and are part of our pack. It’s also important to lift up our students’ identities so we can create leaders that show representation for future generations.”

LEAD Academy | Student

Muslih Berema

“The LEAD system is to prepare you for college and prepare you for life. I've had staff members that have helped me set goals for myself. We talk about things that actually actively prepare you for where you want to go.”

LEAD Cameron | Teacher

Amy Nystrand

“I love Crew because it’s an opportunity to teach students about what’s happening in their brains and bodies when their feelings get too big and how to manage them in healthy ways.”

LEAD Neely’s Bend | Student

Devin Phillips

“I appreciate how much the adults at Neely’s Bend want us to succeed beyond middle school. So many people have worked together to help me plan my future!”

LEAD Southeast High | Parent & Employee

Dyetra Olige

“I knew from my first day of work that I wanted to send my daughter here for middle school. I love the sense of community she experiences here. The faculty is very intentional about creating and maintaining a safe and fun environment to learn. Her teachers acknowledge her extraordinary academic abilities and create challenging curriculum to keep her engaged."

LEAD Southeast Middle | Teacher

Rachel Bergin

“My students have taught me SO much about the world through their diverse experiences, and they do it with smiles, quirks, and endless curiosity that inspires me.”

LEAD Academy | Teacher

Alice Pieschel

“My biggest hope for my students is that they feel safe and empowered in this country. I want them to find their voices and be able to advocate for themselves and their communities. Most of all I just want them to lead lives that are filled with joy, curiosity, and passion.”

LEAD Neely’s Bend | Teacher

Bridgett Orgain

“The best part of my job is when a student reaches a milestone that they did not originally think was attainable. Most of the students I see do not come in feeling confident about their abilities, and it is a genuine joy to build them up to where they know they can do it.”

LEAD Cameron | Teacher

Tabitha Thorman

“LEAD is special because it truly encompasses ALL students doing great things. There are special programs to help students from different backgrounds feel successful. Cultures are recognized and celebrated. There is a system in place here at Cameron that feels like a family.”

LEAD Southeast High | School Counselor

Allie Kim

“I love building meaningful and lasting relationships with our students. Being able to see students every school day throughout their four years here is an incredible experience. I get to witness their growth, support them in their times of need, and celebrate their successes.”

LEAD Cameron | Teacher

Andre Mayberry

“I love when a student is able to interpret something difficult and precisely explain their answer back. This may include unpacking figurative language, recognizing literary devices independently, or finding the ‘Easter eggs’ from the author in a novel. It’s what makes literature fun!”

LEAD Southeast High | Instructional Manager

Jessica Simmons

“Our families make LEAD Southeast High unique! Our community is linguistically, culturally, and racially diverse, and our students and families are welcoming and open to learn from each other.”

Staff Testimonial

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you matter.


How do I apply for a position with LEAD Public Schools?

LEAD Public Schools accepts applications online. You can use this link to apply now.

How long will it take me to hear back from LEAD once I submit my employment application online?

LEAD Public Schools is committed to screening applications in a timely manner. You should expect a determination regarding your application meeting the minimum requirements for the position within seven business days.

What does the application process look like for LEAD Public Schools from start to finish?

Our selection process helps us determine if you’re the right fit for LEAD Public Schools and helps you determine if LEAD Public Schools is the right fit for you. As a candidate, here’s what you can expect:

Step 1: Application Review
We review your resume and cover letter thoroughly to determine whether your qualifications are a strong match. As we get hundreds of applications annually for all of our positions, we do not have the capacity to reach out to each candidate that applies and we are unable to accept phone calls regarding application status. We will contact you only if you are invited to advance in the selection process.

Step 2: Phone Interview
If you are invited to advance in the selection process you will likely be asked to participate in a phone interview. This helps us get to know you better by finding out about your interests and experience.

Step 3: Interviews and Demonstration Lesson
If you are invited to move forward after completing the phone interview, the next step will be an in person interview. Local candidates will be asked to visit the school site and teach a demonstration lesson. Out-of-town candidates will be asked to submit a recorded lesson of their teaching or the HR team will help to plan your visit to Nashville to interview in person.

Step 4: References
Before extending an offer, LEAD Public Schools will request and contact professional references.

These steps represent a typical process, but your experience may vary. Our hiring team thoughtfully designs each hiring process to be as efficient as possible given the specific circumstances of the vacancy.

Does LEAD Public Schools have established minimum requirements in order to be hired as a teacher?

The following are the minimum requirements to teach within our district:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Applicants for a teaching role must hold a valid Tennessee teacher license or an active teaching license from another state with reciprocity and the license must be transferred to a valid Tennessee teacher license within 90 days of employment. Out-of-state applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for a Tennessee license as soon as possible due to the length of time it could take the state of Tennessee to process your license.
  • Be eligible to work in the United States
  • Must pass a criminal background check

Interested candidates who are completing an education preparation program (EPP) and are eligible for a license at the conclusion of that program, including passed Praxis exams, are encouraged to apply.

I previously applied for a position with LEAD Public Schools and was not selected. Should I reapply?

Please note you do not need to reapply for the same position. However, it is important to log-in to our applicant tracking system and ensure your information, specifically employment history and resume, is current in the event our principals and/or recruiter views your employment application when a vacancy comes open.

Am I required to submit to a criminal background check (CBC) and fingerprinting before I begin my employment?

LEAD Public Schools complies with state law in ensuring all staff members have a cleared background check and fingerprinting prior to working at LEAD. Employees must be cleared prior to working at LEAD. The cost is the responsibility of the employee are due at the time of scheduling your background check. Therefore, please do not schedule a background check until advised to do so by the LEAD HR Department. In accordance with state law, employees will be periodically rescreened.

To register for a CBC, please visit: http://www.identogo.com/. You will need an identifying code (ORI number) specific to LEAD Public Schools in order to schedule your CBC. LEAD’s ORI is TNCC19213.

I was just offered a position with one of the LEAD Public Schools. What are the next steps?

Your first correspondence from our district will be an offer letter to confirm the job offer. Next, our HR team will send you a “Welcome to LEAD Public Schools” email with all of the hiring steps including information about the criminal background check.

It is important that you meet with the HR team to attend new hire orientation within the first three days of employment.

When will I receive my first paycheck?

You will receive your first paycheck on the pay date following the pay period in which you worked.

How often will I receive pay?

LEAD has a bi-weekly pay schedule, so you will be paid every other Thursday.

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