Brick Church hosted its first-ever “Career Day” on Friday morning so that students would be able to connect real-life lessons from the classroom to real-world lessons from adults in the field.

The following professions were represented: dance, law, hospitality, healthcare, government, the military, teaching, media and many, many more.

“The hope is the students will take away a greater understanding of different career fields,” said organizer Christina Glover. “With that understanding, I hope that will motivate them, and their education will take on a whole new focused, meaning.”

The day, according to most all in attendance, was a complete and utter success.

School director Dennis Wolff said the morning’s workshops and conversations were essential for students because they were able to connect a wide range of potential careers to their everyday studies in school.

“It’s a great morning,” he said. “Anytime our students can connect their learning and anytime we can expose them to future careers down the road, we’ll take that opportunity. I’m so proud of our students today for not only modeling our Ethos, but for their participation, interest and energy.”

Among the highlights of Career Day?

The Hon. Richard Dinkins, a LEAD board member and sitting judge on the Tennessee Court of Appeals, took time to sit with the presidents of each class’ student council, but one organic moment among many throughout the morning. Students also visited with state Representatives Bryan Terry and Andy Holt.

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