Attention Applicants to LEAD Public Schools: 

Full Selection Day results are posted online, click here to see.  Issues in School Selection Process were identified. Parents who have questions or concerns are encouraged to view an online list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Selection results are available in a database searchable by student id number. You will be able to view your student’s acceptance and waitlist status. You can also accept your spot using the same tool.
Acceptance letters will be mailed home January 14, 2015. You must return your acceptance letter by January 30, 2015. See the full calendar for more.

You also have the option to accept your position online. To accept online click the “Accept” button on your student’s status page. You will receive confirmation of your acceptance. If you accept online, you do not need to return your acceptance letter.
Have questions? LEARN MORE about the selection process in our Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have questions about your acceptance to LEAD Public Schools, which includes Brick Church College Prep, Cameron College Prep, LEAD Prep Southeast, and LEAD Academy, feel free to contact our Director of Enrollment and Community Relations Corey Burton at 615.525.1614.