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National Principals Month: What Teachers Have to Say About Our School Leaders

The month of October is National Principals Month and serves as a time to recognize and celebrate the work school principals do on our campuses to support and empower staff and students. We asked our teachers to share what they appreciate about their principals. Below are a few of the highlights.

Maggie Sneed, Principal, LEAD Academy

“[Ms.] Sneed has the ability to always make you feel like a priority, regardless of how many important and time sensitive things she has going on. She truly means it when she says her door is always open and always puts her people first.
–Emily Mitchell, LEAD Academy

Kathryn Rice McKinzie, Principal, LEAD Brick Church

“Ms. McKinzie brings a contagious energy and spirit to our school each and every day. Not only does she push students to learn and grow, but the staff as well. Ms. McKinzie has many qualities that make her an effective leader, but the two that stand out to me the most are her tenacity and commitment to Brick. Each and every day she shows up and does her best to model what a good educator looks like and stands for. She’s always helping me improve as not only a teacher, but as a person and she is always there to offer encouragement.”

–Elizabeth Bible, LEAD Brick Church

Briana Shelton, Principal, LEAD Cameron

Bri Shelton works tirelessly to ensure that all Cameron students and staff feel seen, heard, valued, celebrated, and loved. She is visible and hands on. She celebrates students and sets them up for a strong start by hosting live morning announcements each morning where students are highlighted for their achievements, celebrated as individuals, and pumped up for school-wide events while also practicing executive functioning skills such as organization. Every challenge or obstacle that I have taken to her this year has been met with solutions and swift action.”

–Elizabeth Phelps, LEAD Cameron  

Dominique Smith, Principal, LEAD Neely’s Bend

Ms. Smith provides daily support to teachers and students through her commitment to creating a positive and inclusive environment where all truly means ALL. Her skills allow every single one of us to feel comfortable approaching her with any concerns, questions, ideas, or issues. She has proven to be an approachable and accessible leader who is willing to listen and assist anyone. Her skill as an active listener has allowed her to cross school boundaries and get to know the Madison community to identify their challenges and address them.”

–Angel Carmona, LEAD Neely’s Bend  

Tom Schoen, Principal, LEAD Southeast Middle

“Mr. Schoen is the reason I moved to Nashville on a whim, without ever visiting the city before and never seeing the school premises. During my interview with him, it was abundantly clear that he loves and cares for our school, our students, and every staff member. I look up to him for the incredible professional he is, and I am thrilled to continue growing my teaching practice at Lead Southeast Middle with him as my principal. Thank you Mr. Schoen!”

–Samantha McNabb, LEAD Southeast Middle

Genevieve Hinnant, Principal, LEAD Southeast High

“My principal supports me and my students each and everyday by enabling me with any support I may need. Even if she doesn’t know how to help she will direct me to someone who does. She also frequently observes my classroom to provide constructive criticism to help me grow as an educator and provide the best education for my students. She carries herself with respect and authority that garners awe and inspires others to be the best they can be. She is a genuinely kind person and someone you can turn to with whatever, good or bad. I am delighted to have her at the helm of my school.”

–Brenden Beranek, LEAD Southeast High

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