Founded 2017

Grades 9-11


Enrollment: 255


Quick Facts

Rigorous college preparatory curriculum and instruction

College Seminar required all 4 years engages students in applying and choosing their next step after high school

By 2021, we will offer all four grade levels 9-12 and celebrate our first graduating class.

One of the most diverse student populations in Nashville and a majority of our students are bilingual learners

Offers ESL classes to families and community members

LEAD Southeast High School is a free, open-enrolled college preparatory high school with an emphasis on preparing our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in college and in life.

In addition to rigorous academics, we strive to create a relationship and opportunity-driven environment for all students. We begin our Pre-ACT courses in 9th grade, offer resume writing and seminar classes.

We are proud to offer full-time college counselors and intensive College Seminar for every student. During senior year, each student receives individual guidance tailored to specific needs and interests to ensure they can make a post-secondary decision that is best for them.

LEAD Southeast High School serves students from 20+ different countries. Our faculty understands the importance of celebrating this diversity, making it a priority to encourage and support our bilingual learners and their families to make the most of their special gifts.

Students can begin at LEAD Southeast Middle School in 5th grade and will have a spot on our campus until the end of their 12th grade year. With that continuity, small class sizes and family-like environment, every student has the opportunity to learn in an environment where they feel safe and welcome each day.

Our LEAD Ethos is central to everything we do.

“We are LEADers because we are committed, courageous, disciplined, self-reliant and because we serve others.”

“When kids come from another country and go straight into a new school system, there is shock. LEAD Southeast has a unique quality to include all children from many different origins. I believe this teaches them to learn from each other. This is clearly encouraged.”

Papy Bopili Bombo

School Information

School Hours
Mon – Fri – 7:20am to 2:20pm

531 Metroplex Drive
Nashville, TN 37211

Phone (615) 338-9672

Clubs & Electives

  • Marching Band


  • Football
  • Track
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Cheerleading
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