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    What our teachers have to say...

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    “It is my hope that all students leave us with the tools necessary to advocate both for their right to a quality education and for social change. I LEAD to help guide those who will make an impact in the future.”


    Dominique Torres, Dean of Instruction, LEAD Neely’s Bend

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    “Watching them transform ‘I can’t’ into ‘I can’ are some of the most satisfying moments of my teaching career. I am fortunate to see these moments occur quite often.”


    Roy Word, Social Studies, LEAD Southeast High School

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    “The people I get to work with at LEAD public schools are my motivation because they are the hardest working people that I know and they will do anything to see our students succeed. It makes me a better teacher.”


    Kai Pruitte, ELA, LEAD Brick Church

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You’re not just one person in a school building, instead you’re one piece of this greater network serving a really large community of families across the city of Nashville. And these people are bought in.“


    Regina Schumacher, Asst. Principal of Students, LEAD Cameron

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    “You don’t feel alone. You have coaches, you have mentors, you just have more opportunities to be successful when you’re working at LEAD.”


    Rennard Watkins, Physical Education, LEAD Academy

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    “Every day is an opportunity for our kids to succeed, and every day they’re going to learn something. Being there, being present, and just loving on
    them as much as possible, so that they do have opportunities in the future and that they can go on to succeed in college and life, makes it all worth it.”


    Grace Preszler, 5th Grade ELA, LEAD Neely’s Bend

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    “The passion and commitment from administration can only happen here. I wanted to build rockets. We were bought rockets. I dreamed that we should build a High Altitude Balloon and go to near space. I wasn’t shut down. The administration is committed to finding the passion of their students and their teachers.”


    Malorie Crafton, Assistant Principal of Instruction, LEAD Southeast High


  • Striving to be the Best Place to Work in Nashville
  • Competitive teacher pay/up to 10% annual raises for high-performing teachers 
  • 16 weeks paid maternity leave
  • Everyone has a coach — teachers and staff have people ready to help them grow.
  • Master Teacher Program rewards teachers who consistently demonstrate outstanding teaching with salaries up to $75,000 yearly
  • Signing bonuses for critical certifications (depending on budgetary restrictions)
  • We believe in bringing JOY to our classrooms everyday

Competitive teacher pay and benefits 

Great teachers deserve to be paid well. We know teachers are the most important in-school factor for driving student achievement and, as a result, they should be our most important investment.

At LEAD, we have instituted a performance-based compensation plan that allows teachers to earn more and provides ongoing real-time feedback as part of our collective strive for excellence in everything we do. We are offering salary increases of up to 10% per year for high performing teachers, allowing teachers to earn more than $65,000 annually, along with providing additional growth opportunities within our organization.

Teachers who demonstrate outstanding teaching for more than three years are eligible for our Master Teacher Program. With this distinction, they may earn up to $75,000 yearly and help other teachers advance through their 30-hour school-based projects each year.

Additionally, after one full year of employment, staff members become eligible for 16 weeks paid time off when out on maternity leave as a new mother or primary caregiver. We also offer financial support to help new team members relocating to Nashville and signing bonuses for critical teaching certifications.

We can help you achieve your goals

At LEAD, our network of support systems help provide you a pathway to fulfil your goals. We encourage our employees at all levels to reach their potential by becoming leaders and dreaming big.

No teacher should ever feel isolated in their classroom. We take a team approach to ensuring you are supported each step of the way as you craft your practice. We give EVERY teacher dedicated, individualized coaching to take their teaching to the next level. That includes a full time instructional coach at every school to help teachers with lesson planning, problem solving, and strategy. We also have a Dean of Culture and school counselors at every school to support behavioral, social and emotional learning.

We also know great schools depend on great leaders. We recently received a three-year grant to create individualized leadership development plans for each principal and their team.

We believe in BRINGING THE JOY

We infuse our day with celebration. No, that doesn’t mean movies and popcorn. Instead, we celebrate learning and making gains in the classroom. When students find the joy in overcoming failure, school is a place where they want to be. We want to foster and encourage an environment where passionate teachers convey the power and joy of learning, and who impart the importance of our school values and ethos.

Frequently Asked Questions

LEAD Public Schools accepts applications online. Please click on any of the Apply Now buttons to access our online application.

LEAD Public Schools is committed to screening applications in a timely manner. You should expect a determination regarding your application meeting the minimum requirements for the position within seven business days.

Our selection process helps us determine if you’re the right fit for LEAD Public Schools and helps you determine if LEAD Public Schools is the right fit for you. As a candidate, here’s what you can expect:

  • Step 1: Application Review
    • We review your resume and cover letter thoroughly to determine whether your qualifications are a strong match. As we get hundreds of applications annually for all of our positions, we do not have the capacity to reach out to each candidate that applies and we are unable to accept phone calls regarding application status. We will contact you only if you are invited to advance in the selection process.
  • Step 2: Phone Interview
    • If you are invited to advance in the selection process you will likely be asked to participate in a phone interview. This helps us get to know you better by finding out about your interests and experience.
  • Step 3: Interviews and Demonstration Lesson
    • If you are invited to move forward after completing the phone interview, the next step will be an in person interview. Local candidates will be asked to visit the school site and teach a demonstration lesson. Out-of-town candidates will be asked to submit a recorded lesson of their teaching or the HR team will help to plan your visit to Nashville to interview in person.
  • Step 4: References
    • Before extending an offer, LEAD Public Schools will request and contact professional references.

These steps represent a typical process, but your experience may vary. Our hiring team thoughtfully designs each hiring process to be as efficient as possible given the specific circumstances of the vacancy.

The following are the minimum requirements to teach within our district:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Applicants for a teaching role must hold a valid Tennessee teacher license or an active teaching license from another state with reciprocity and the license must be transferred to a valid Tennessee teacher license within 90 days of employment. Out-of-state applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for a Tennessee license as soon as possible due to the length of time it could take the state of Tennessee to process your license.
  • Be eligible to work in the United States
  • Must pass a criminal background check

Interested candidates who are completing an education preparation program (EPP) and are eligible for a license at the conclusion of that program, including passed Praxis exams, are encouraged to apply.

Please note you do not need to reapply for the same position. However, it is important to log-in to our applicant tracking system and ensure your information, specifically employment history and resume, is current in the event our principals and/or recruiter views your employment application when a vacancy comes open.

LEAD Public Schools complies with state law in ensuring all staff members have a cleared background check and fingerprinting prior to working at LEAD. Employees must be cleared prior to working at LEAD. The cost is the responsibility of the employee are due at the time of scheduling your background check. Therefore, please do not schedule a background check until advised to do so by the LEAD HR Department. In accordance with state law, employees will be periodically rescreened.

To register for a CBC, please visit: You will need an identifying code (ORI number) specific to LEAD Public Schools in order to schedule your CBC. LEAD’s ORI is TNCC19213.

Your first correspondence from our district will be an offer letter to confirm the job offer. Next, our HR team will send you a “Welcome to LEAD Public Schools” email with all of the hiring steps including information about the criminal background check.

It is important that you meet with the HR team to attend new hire orientation within the first three days of employment.

Currently, LEAD Public Schools is in partnership with Kelly Services for our substitute program. A representative with Kelly Services is available via email at to respond to your questions on how to apply for a substitute position with LEAD Public Schools. Please be sure to specify to Kelly Services that you are requesting to substitute teach for LEAD Public Schools.

You will receive your first paycheck on the pay date following the pay period in which you worked.

LEAD has a bi-weekly pay schedule, so you will be paid every other Thursday.

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