TVAAS Performance Bonus for Teachers and Staff 2021-2022

One-Time Bonus Metrics

LEAD Public Schools understands their critical mission of ensuring student academic growth. We believe that growth is achieved through support of students’ academic, social and emotional development and relies on every staff member at LEAD to make it happen. As such, we want to reward our staff for achieving the highest levels of growth for our students in this first year back to in-person learning related to the COVID-19 pandemic. When TVAAS results for the 2021-2022 school year are announced in late August/early September 2022, LEAD intends to reward all non-bonus eligible staff members currently employed with the network with a one-time performance bonus.

How does the TVAAS Performance Bonus work?
The one-time bonus payment amount will be determined by the employee’s role within LEAD as well as their campuses’ TVAAS growth composite score.

School-Based Staff:
All eligible staff members will receive the TVAAS performance bonus if their school achieves a TVAAS school-wide composite of Level 4 or Level 5 on the 2022 TNReady assessment.  An individual teacher is also eligible for a TVAAS performance bonus if their individual TVAAS score is Level 4 or Level 5. If their school and individual scores are not the same, the teacher’s payout amount will be based on whichever score is highest. 

The table below outlines bonus compensation by TVAAS level and staff role.  Staff role is determined by how an individual’s performance based compensation is determined.

TVAAS Bonus by Role and Score

Please Note:

  • A teacher can only receive one bonus payment if school and individual scores are Level 4 or 5.
  • Staff members employed by multiple schools can only earn one bonus payment.
  • Part time staff members are eligible for $750 (Level 5) and $375 (Level 4).

NeST Staff:
All eligible NeST staff will receive $250 for each school with a schoolwide composite score of Level 5 or $125 for each school with a schoolwide composite score of Level 4.  Part time Nest staff are eligible for $125 (Level 5) or $65 (Level 4) per school.   

Who is eligible for the TVAAS performance bonus?

  • Non-bonus eligible staff members who are employed at LEAD Public Schools as of November 18, 2021
  • Note: If a staff member who qualifies for the bonus decides to leave LEAD they must submit their letter of resignation before  May 1, 2022, remain employed through June 30th and complete all job requirements as defined by their manager.  
  • Note: Anyone terminated for cause prior to the payout for this bonus will be ineligible for the bonus.

When will the bonus be paid out?
The TVAAS performance bonus will be paid on the next scheduled payroll following the announcement of TVAAS results.  This typically occurs in August or September. 

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