COVID Protocols for 2022-23

To ensure the safety of our staff and students, LEAD Public Schools continues to monitor COVID-19 and establish appropriate protocols and procedures at our campuses. For the 2022–23 school year, LEAD’s COVID-19 protocols are focused on providing a safe and orderly environment while also minimizing absences and maximizing time on task for students in order to accelerate student learning.

As the CDC and our local health department recommends, LEAD maintains a comprehensive approach to preventing the spread of COVID-19, including:

  1. Washing and sanitizing hands 
  2. Maintaining social distancing of three feet when possible 
  3. Keeping and improving ventilation in our buildings
  4. Not allowing anyone in the building who has COVID-19
  5. Wearing face masks at student/family and staff discretion

Student Safety Protocols

Effective Immediately Revised on Aug. 29, 2022

  1. Any student who receives a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis should NOT REPORT  to any LEAD Public School (LPS) campus or extracurricular activities.
  2. If a student is showing symptoms at school but does not have a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis, please send them to the main office.
    1. The student will receive the option of testing for COVID-19. School-level nurses will make the determination to return the student to class or ask for them to be picked up.
    2. If a student does test positive or reports a positive test, LEAD will do the following:
      1. Teachers who teach the student will be notified of the positive test through email.
      2. The student will be required to quarantine for 5 days with a return on the 6th day once symptom free. If the student is not symptom free on day 5, they will be required to quarantine for 10 days with a return on day 11 symptom free.
      3. Please note: We will no longer notify an entire class if there was a positive test result in their classroom.
    3. All students are encouraged to take whatever safety precautions they deem necessary at the school.

LEAD Safety Package

LEAD also continues to offer its full safety package for students and staff:

  1. All staff and their families have access to rapid tests through LEAD Public Schools. If you have symptoms or someone in your family has symptoms, please contact your school’s nurse or director of operations for a test.
  2. LEAD employees can use their health insurance plans to receive up to 16 free COVID tests.
  3. LEAD employees have access to the following PPE:
    1. Face masks
    2. Face shields
    3. Hand sanitizer
    4. Clorox wipes
    5. Room air purifier
    6. Gloves
  4. Students have access to the following PPE:
    1. Face masks
    2. Hand sanitizer
    3. Clorox wipes
    4. Room air purifier

We will continue to monitor the state of COVID-19, update our protocols when appropriate, and communicate any changes to families and staff.

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