Quick Facts

Whether your family chooses in-person or virtual learning, our mission of providing students with the best possible level of learning and care has not changed.

Anyone who enters LEAD school buildings must have a mask covering their nose and mouth at all times.

How We Will Safely Return to Our School Buildings:

Sanitation & Decreasing the Spread

We are prepared for the physical opening of our schools.

All of our main offices have been equipped with plexiglass windows to limit physical interaction.

We have installed sanitation stations throughout our schools and in all classrooms.

We have 10,000 reusable masks for our students and staff.

High touch surfaces (door handles, sink handles, water fountains, playground equipment) will be sanitized multiple times a day.

Supplies that cannot be individualized for students (ex. pencil sharpeners) should be disinfected after each use.

Windows and doors will be open in classrooms to increase airflow when possible.

Everyone Will Be Required to:

  • Wear A Mask (provided by school)
  • Sanitize Hands Often
  • Have Temperature Checked on Arrival
  • Stay as Far Apart as Possible

Socially Distant Meal Time:

  • For the 20-21 school year, all students are entitled to a free school lunch.
  • During lunch periods, students will be expected to abide by the following:
    • Scheduled hand-washing before eating
    • Some students will eat in the classroom, others in the cafeteria so fewer people are in the same place at once
    • Grab and go meals for all breakfasts and lunches
    • All students must bring a water bottle to school daily and refill water bottles at no touch, fill-up stations. Water fountains will be closed throughout the school building.


  • All students are expected to bring their school issued chromebooks and chargers back and forth to school each day.
  • Chromebooks must be fully charged each night prior to coming to school the next day.

Dress Code:

  • For the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year, students are allowed to follow a modified dress code:

Learning Changes:

  • Teachers will transition instead of students allowing less hallway gathering.
  • Desks will be farther apart than normal.
  • All papers and materials handed out by teachers using gloves or students pickup upon entry
  • All personal belongings must go home with scholars each day.
No group work
  • Every scholar should have an individualized set of supplies – exact items depend on grade.
  • Supplies should either stay in scholar’s desk, or travel in scholar’s backpack daily.

If You Choose to Continue Learning Virtually:

  • Your student will notice few changes on how they receive instruction.
  • Their teachers and cohorts will remain the same.
  • The start and end times of the day will change.  In order to accommodate both students receiving instruction in person and virtually, we must reorganize the scheduled times for classes.

For Now:

  • Assemblies shift from whole-school/whole grade to individual classes.
  • After-school programming canceled.


  • Buses will receive an additional cleaning each day with CDC approved cleaning agents.
  • Bus drivers or monitors will not check student temperatures.
  • Our expectation is that students must wear face masks on the bus and maintain social distancing while traveling to school.
  • Students will be assigned a seat on the bus and all busses will be kept at 2 to a seat or less where possible.
  • Students may not be dropped off early. All students must remain in their cars until the “doors open” time for each school.

Your Health & Safety is Our #1 Priority.

LEAD Public Schools is committed to providing a high-quality online continuous learning plan for all students.

Our Family and Community Engagement coordinators are working to make sure that 100 percent of our families have internet connectivity this school year. By connecting every LEAD family to the Internet, remote learning becomes a reality for ALL.

If you are a LEAD family in need of Wi-Fi support, please complete our Serve Others Stations form, and a member of our Family and Community Engagement Team will follow up with you based on your unique needs.

LEAD established the Serve Other Stations after the tornadoes struck Nashville in March. This service has continued for families during the pandemic and will continue once it is over. The stations allow our families to reach out if they are in need of assistance with food, household items, internet connectivity, and more.

We Are Here For You!

Family and Community Engagement Coordinator contact information:

LEAD Academy and LEAD Cameron: Rania Agaib, 615-479-9743,

LEAD Brick Church: Dalona Jones, 616-466-3885,

LEAD Neely’s Bend: Blanca Cross, 830-212-3057,

LEAD Southeast Middle and High: Marta Sanchez, 615-573-9866,

In the event you are unable to reach a school Family and Community Engagement Coordinator, please call Corey Burton, the Director of Enrollment and Community Engagement, at 615-525-1614. For Spanish services, please call Marta Sanchez at 615-573-9866.

Questions & Answers

LEAD families that have opted-in to in-person instruction for the remainder of the Fall will return on staggered basis. Currently, due to high Coronavirus case counts across the region, the plan to return to in-person learning is on pause. All students continue to learn through virtual work.

You should contact your school’s operations manager:

LEAD Academy and LEAD Cameron: Sarah Terry, 865-660-8174 or;

LEAD Brick Church and LEAD Neely’s Bend: Demetrius Greer, 310-895-4656 or

At this time, we are adhering to the policies outlined here by TSSAA.  Please visit the link to learn more:

LEAD Academy: Alma McDaniel, Office Manager:; 615-800-8293

LEAD Brick Church: Mercedez Fanning, Office Manager:; 615-806-6317

LEAD Cameron: Deb Holguin, Office Manager:; 615-806-6320

LEAD Neely’s Bend: Sorgalin Acevedo, Office Manager:; 615-645-6461

LEAD Southeast Middle School: Ingrid Cruz, Office Manager:; 615-678-0543

LEAD Southeast High School: Osama Abdallah, Office Manager:; 615-338-9672

Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) is providing pre-packaged breakfast and lunch to students across Nashville during the Online Distance Learning period. The meals are available to all LEAD students at no charge.

LEAD families will be able to drive through to pick up the meals every week day between 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. at any Metro Nashville public school, including all LEAD campuses.

More information here.

Grading policies are included in each school’s remote learning handbook. For each school, please visit these links:

LEAD Academy

LEAD Brick Church

LEAD Cameron

LEAD Neely’s Bend

LEAD Southeast Middle School

LEAD Southeast High School

The attendance policy for LEAD Public Schools (LPS) follows the guidance released by Metro Nashville Public Schools and the State of Tennessee. LPS expects that students will make a good faith effort to attend all learning sessions, and that families understand that both attendance and participation are requirements of live learning sessions. Find the attendance guidelines below:

  1. Student attendance will be taken during live instruction and reported to the state each day.
  2. Students must attend all live classes to receive the class participation credit which will count towards their final grade.
  3. Attendance and class participation is worth 30% of the total grade for all virtual learning classes. Students who do not attend class on a regular basis will miss assignments and be in danger of failing.
  4. If a student experiences technical difficulties that prohibit logging in to a virtual class, the student must contact their school immediately in order to be counted present for that day.
  5. Chronic absenteeism and truancy will mirror the state policy.

As we prepare for an eventual return to in-class instruction, our leaders have prepared for every contingency in order to safely return to our schools. We will ensure your safety by:

  • supplying masks for all students and staff members;
  • and requiring social distancing and other in-school measures, like plexiglass partitions in all of our school offices and the addition of multiple sanitation stations.
  • We will have daily “deep-cleans” of all buildings from our cleaning service upon our return to school.

We will continue to follow the guidance of the CDC and local health officials. Over the summer, we secured:

  • 2 gallons of hand sanitizer per classroom;
  • 2 neck gaiters per student and 2 per staff member;
  • 10,000 disposable masks;
  • 3,000 face shields along with 10,000 replacement shields;
  • 10 temperature check guns per school; and
  • 24 hand sanitation stations per school.
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